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So I’m getting around to this . . . October 29, 2010

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I said in a post or so ago that I should have added my plot point summary to the process blog for my advanced fiction class.  I’m going to go ahead and do it here and now.

First Plot Point:  The story starts out (after the prologue, of course) with the break-in at the museum.  (*Note: the museum’s name and location are still a little up in the air, something that should not be, but is — don’t judge me.  I know I want to set the story in the Northeast, but I’m a little torn between Delaware and Vermont.)  The item being stolen is a broken shard from a larger sheet of crystal covered in hieroglyphs hypothesized to be from the lost continent of Atlantis.  The crystal was found by one Dr. Julien Sable, daughter of renowned archeologist Dr. Pietro Camillo, who spent his career searching for the lost continent.

Second Plot Point:  Julien meets Alexis while she is on a date with someone else and they start going after the thieves to get the crystal back.  Alexis reveals all sorts of secrets Julien doesn’t believe until he reveals something she knows to be true and that only someone like him would know.  He also convinces her beyond any shadow of any doubt that Atlantis exists, but refuses to tell her how to find it.

Third Plot Point:  After much adventure over a fairly short time period, they get the crystal back and must put it in a secure location where no one will get ahold of it again, including themselves.  They are met with a great deal of opposition.

Resolution:  Alexis returns to where he’s from and Julien, while not able to see her long-time obsession, is gratified to learn of its existence and is given enough information about it to prove her and her father aren’t/weren’t crazy and wasting their time.  She finds herself again and learns to let go.

So that’s the gist of it.  Hopefully, this makes some kind of sense.


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