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It’s SPRING!!! April 20, 2011

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So I know I haven’t posted here nearly as often as I said I would and I feel completely guilty and worthless about that.  However, my immune system being what it is, I am not competent to write anything much thanks to the unhealthy amount of cold medicine I’m on right now.  Of course this would happen when I’m actually in the mood to write.  It appears I’ll have to settle with a huge mug of tea and listening to Brian Jacques read Redwall stories to me via the eleven audiobooks I’ve downloaded.  Because I still feel guilty about not posting, I’ve decided to make this a photo post, something I haven’t done yet since I set up this version of the blog.


Something I miss about living in the woods in North Liberty (Indiana) is the woods and flowers my dad plants that show up in the spring.  However, Muncie, my town (for now) has one thing really has going for it: the trees.  There are flowers blossoming all over the city, many of which are amidst the leaves of trees — pink tulip trees, others covered in little white flowers, and more with tiny bright pink flowers (which aren’t quite out yet, sad day).  Thursday last week, I went with my News 233 partner to get video and photo footage of the Buley Center for our final project.

The kids loved looking through the cameras!

Afterward, I still had the camera for a few hours, so I decided to go shoot some spring pictures around Ball State’s campus.  These are a combination of what my dad has planted up north and what Muncie/campus looks like down here.  Because of weird formatting issues, the pictures of campus and up north are mixed.

All photos Copyright © 2011, Kate Wehlann











Ball State Squirrel!







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