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Trying to Find Atlantis September 23, 2010

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” It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.”
— Mark Twain

Okay, I’ll admit it.  Despite the fact that I’ve finally got a decent grasp on what my novel is going to be about (more on that later), I know very little about some of its central ideas and themes (archeology and ancient civilizations).  So before class on Thursday, I went through Muncie’s public library search engine and put a hold on twelve to fourteen books and DVD documentaries about my topics and have begun my research in earnest.  So far only about five of the books have come in and I’ve already gone through what was relevant on a DVD documentary.  I don’t anticipate doing much other than homework and research for the next two weeks or so, as what I have already will be enough to keep my locked in my apartment for a while, not to mention the books that are still on their way. 

The basic idea of my project will be a new one for me.  Think Indiana Jones meets Bridget Jones meets Artemis Fowl.  That sounds like a sick love triangle.  I’ll be more specific.  Julien Camillo Sable comes from an archeology family.  Her father was renowned archeologist Pietro Camillo, known best for his search for the lost continent of Atlantis.  Many mocked Pietro, but he never faltered in his belief in the sunken island’s existence.  He passed on this believe to his second child, a daughter, Julien, who, after her father’s death at sea, continues to search for Atlantis between other digs and her job as a museum curator in America (haven’t chosen a city yet).  In her museum, there is a small exhibit of artifacts believed to be from Atlantis, including a crystal believed to have been a source of magical power (It’s been hypothesized that the Atlanteans used some sort of crystal power for things.  And, no, I did not get that piece of information from the Disney movie.) on the lost continent.  Inside the crystal are strange markings, like writing, but closer to hieroglyphics.  One night, there is a break-in at the museum and the crystal was stolen.  Determined to retrieve it, Julien, with the help of a few unexpected friends embarks on an adventure that might just lead her to discover Atlantis (a little corny, as far as summaries go, but bear with me here).

Julien is a workaholic, which is why her first marriage fell apart (Her husband, a college professor, ran off with a grad student).  She is so buried in the sands of the past that she doesn’t even realize that she doesn’t know who she really is anymore.  She lives alone with her small, fluffy dog of unidentifiable breed, Winston, and cat, Sebastian (either Egyptian Mau or Norwegian Forest Cat, I can’t decide which).  When she’s not on digs, she is either working long hours at the museum or guest professor-ing at a nearby college.

To be honest, I don’t have the slightest idea of what I could read for the upcoming book report that would fit this sort of story, so if anyone has any ideas, I’m open.