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A Day of Change January 1, 2011

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1-1-11.  Make a Wish Resolution!


It’s a new year!  I’ve decided to make it a clean slate.  I’ll keep the lessons the past year has taught me, including not letting the past into my present and future, and leave 2010’s baggage behind.


This is not a new thing.  People have been using the issuance of new calendars as a reason to turn over a new leaf for decades, if not centuries.  Why we wait until January first to make positive change, I’ll never know.  Perhaps it’s to give us an excuse to dabble in our bad habits a little while longer.  For whatever reason, I’m just as guilty as the rest of them.


I’ve heard the way to make keep-able resolutions is to keep them positive and to leave little loopholes for slight indiscretions.  I’ve tried to do this with my own list and I am committing to accomplishing at least six of my eight resolutions.  To keep me on the straight and narrow, I will be journaling this here, including any missteps.  I know this blog receives very very little traffic, if any, but perhaps just putting it out there will be what it takes to keep me on track.


Resolution #1 — I will make at least four meals a week comprised entirely of vegetables. As an unemployed college student, produce isn’t easy to buy, especially when dried, high-processed food is so much cheaper and easier to prepare.  Fresh veggies are expensive and spoil quickly.  However, as resilient as the body of a college student tends to be, it can’t live on EasyMac alone.  As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been putting way too much cheap, easy-to-prepare processed food into my system.  As a chef’s kid, this is even more shameful.  So despite my low bank account and expensive rent, I am committed to feeding myself better and healthier.

Resolution #2 — I will exercise in one way or another for half an hour to an hour at least five days a week. Time is something I don’t have much of, but I have just as many hours in a day as my fellow college students who get better grades than me (more on that later).  Working out is something they make time for especially and I will have to do the same.  There really is no excuse when I have a stationary bike in my bedroom to not use it more often for its intended purpose rather than a clutter-catcher.

Resolution #3 — Lose Weight. I know, I know, everyone says this.  But with the first two resolutions, I fully intend on doing so.  Goodness knows I need to.  I’m not going to set a number of pounds I want to lose, but it would make me very happy to be able to fit into some of the clothes I had in my early high school years (yes, I saved the clothes).  Frankly, I’m tired of being so ashamed of what I see in the mirror and (oh gosh!) in pictures on Facebook and elsewhere.  It’s really time to change.

Resolution #4 — I will get out more. Whether it’s going to the park or the coffee shop to get work done or just people-watch, I will not hole myself up in my apartment.  I will see and do things, whether I am alone or with friends and I will take advantages of opportunities afforded to me as a student.

Resolution #5 — I will read my textbooks. In the past few years, I have bought the textbooks “required” by my classes without actually reading them.  I will do more in the next two semesters than take notes in class.  I’ll actually study and do what I can to make the Dean’s List at least once more while at Ball State.

Resolution #6 — I will write every day. This past semester, I wrote a 79,320-word novel in two months.  This proves it doesn’t have to take me three years two write a novel if I  shut off the internal editor and just write the blinkin’ thing.  I may not write in my novel every day or a short story, but at least 750 words will be written every day.

Sub-Resolution #1 — I will blog more. It’s pretty bad that I say I have a blog but hardly ever post to it.

Sub-Resolution #2 — Three posts a month will be about my faith. It’s the most important part of my life yet it so rarely features in my published/posted writing.  This needs to change.

Resolution #7 — I will do a better job of acting my own wage. I will limit my iTunes purchases until I have Christmas/birthday money and I will only buy nonperishables on sale.  I will not buy things I don’t need.  I will use at least one coupon per grocery trip and will limit grocery trips to one a week.

Resolution #8 — I will not spend time thinking about being the dateless blunder and I will concentrate on the benefits of my single status. It’s time to let go and just let it happen.  This has already started somewhat, inexplicably, after my friend Maggie’s wedding this summer.  I came back to Muncie after that weekend happier and more accepting of myself, despite my obvious flaws.  Some things have happened between then and now to break that feeling down, but in this new year, I will strive to not let that event or any other like it to change the progress I’ve made in this area.


As I’m posting this to Facebook, I hope that friends will see this and help keep me on track with this and let me do the same for them.


Happy New Year, everyone!